Glad to be of Inspiration! - TEAM MR Welcomes BIG RICK!

Rick lost an incredible amount of weight within such a short time using the principles of my system along with a proper diet and the will power to get there . I have inspired him to become a NATURAL BODYBUILDER...the sky is the limit for this guy!

  For more on Rick's Journey check out his facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/ConstructingANewRick


8 week HIT transformation!

“Markus is one of the best trainers around. I could not believe the changes I have made in such short time. I am feeling much better and certainly look a lot leaner then I have ever been in my life”

Shelly R.
Las Vegas client



Getting fit with HIT at age 50!

“I have always been a lean guy without much muscle mass. However because of you, I am here in New Zealand, the week of my 50th birthday, getting ready to go on a 10 day cruise and I look and feel better than I EVER HAVE IN MY WHOLE LIFE!
I am stronger and have more muscle mass than I have ever had. It is amazing what your H.I.T. training has done for me. I literally look better and am stronger than I was at 25 half my current age.
Thanks Markus for all of your help. I obviously don’t know how to pose, and this is not professional lighting, it just pictures taken on the Hotel balcony.”



SandraThis girl got some killer legs thanks to HIT!

“Markus makes me train harder than I ever could on my own! He is extremely knowledgeable about the body, nutrition, and how to train efficiently. He has great personal experience about what works! I love High intensity training because I want to spend as little time as possible in the gym with the most results. I see gains every week, with improved strength. Markus is a great motivator without being obnoxious, I consider him a friend as well as a trainer. I can ask him any question and he always has an answer. I will continue to train with Markus even though I have trained on my own for almost 20 years because I can’t workout as well without him!”

Sandra H.
Las Vegas client


JoshThis kid is 19!

“The system works. I am 100 percent sure and my pics are proof of it!”

Josh Bakhun
Online and client that trains with me whenever he travels to Vegas


Brian LLooking awesome with HIT!

“For those that have been reading my blog may have noticed the past couple of weeks, I have discovered Mike Mentzer’s book "High Intensity Training" and was pretty blown away by it. I also had a friend of mine loan me his video too which was also quite helpful. When I was watching the video, I noticed the guy that Mentzer was training, Markus Reinhardt. I knew that Mike had tragically passed shortly after making the video and I had a lot of questions and gaps to fill in after reading the book and watching the video. So I looked Markus up and found his site and did something crazy - I called the guy. I’m glad I did. He recommended some things and gave some good perspective and additional information on not only Mentzer’s training methods, but some insights into the bodybuilding culture in general that were quite interesting and entertaining. He recommended some changes to my diet that I am working to plug in as well. After talking with him, I sat down with a calculator and tallied my calories, grams of protein and carbs, etc. [never done something like that before] and I am quite amazed that my eye brows have not grown together and my eye sockets spread apart. I was slamming way too much protein and too little carbs. In my journey to date, I have believed carbs and fats to be stuff to stay away from, but I am realizing now that my zeal in cutting them back as far as I have may not have been the best idea. So I am following the advice that Markus passed on and we’ll see where it goes in the weeks ahead.”

Brian L.
Phone consultation client


Pedro15 week insane transformation with HIT and my guidance!

“Markus’ Program has helped me transform my body in less than 15 weeks, only training 60 mins. a week!”

Dr. Pedro Zapatta


MartinGlad to be an inspiration!

“I began bodybuilding 1 year back, since watching you train with Mike! H.I.T is the way EVERYONE should train. Both you and Mike have proved it works, and now I can see for myself! I’m bigger, stronger and leaner than ever! Markus you are my inspiration!”

Martin Rowlands
Online client


LazEven advanced bodybuilders know where to go!

“The chat session with MR was great. Markus explains in details all about H.I.T training ,even advanced bodybuilders can benefit and learn from Markus advice. H.I.T is the only way to train, the one that works.
Thanks MR for opening my eyes and mind to a new way of approaching training.”

Online client


Brian SBig Brian is HITting it Hard!

”Markus Reinhardt is one of the best high intensity trainers in the world. If you are looking for top high intensity workouts in Vegas, Markus is the only game in town. One of the things that I like best about Markus is that he pushes me to the max while, at the same time, his one-of-a-kind trainer’s methology and attitude ensures that I am not putting excessive pressure on myself to achieve my goals. This makes it easy to push through those grueling workouts when you would rather be doing anything else. Markus makes high intensity training fun and exciting. Sign up today, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

B. Sanford
Las Vegas client


A refreshing return to training!

"Just wanted to write you and thank you for your time today. I had a great conversation with you and learned a great deal of information about the type of training and how to train with this program. It was a lot of info, almost to much at least all at once. I found it very informative and refreshing. Our conversation made me excited to get back to the gym and start training again. Its nice because I haven't been excited to train in quite some time. Just hearing the excitement in your voice like my old football couches was inspiring. I look forward to the email with my training program laid out along with your advice. It is going to be nice to have a well laid out plan and direction. I think that your training program is that right one I have always needed."

Robert St. Pierre


I have been training with Markus for about six months and I can definely say that his training method and skill definitely work.In the past six months I have lost almost 70 pounds and have the most muscle tone , strength and flexibility than I have had in the last 30 years. His 30 minute work outs are highly effective and he gives you the individual attention and motivation you need to be sucessful.I not only look better; what is more important, I feel better. My transformation in the past six months has truly been amazing.  While it has required a certain dedication and committment on my part, Markus provides the skills and motivation needed to stick with a training program and see positive results.

 Charles Bertolomani


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