HIT Coaching


Markus Reinhardt can NOW be contacted to be your own personal HIT COACH!

Are you tired of making little or no progress with your existing program?

  • Speak to the original star of the HIT Video with Mike Mentzer!
  • Learn HIS best methods on how to gain strength and lean muscle in minimum time.
  • Get leaner without losing muscle and learn how!
  • Learn how to determine your optimal training volume and frequency.
  • Learn which exercises you should perform and how for best results
  • Learn from MRHIGHINTENSITY himself on how to properly adjust your program and diet in order to achieve a lean muscular physique by using his state of the art high intensity training techniques.

The consultation will be held via Yahoo CHAT (mrhighintensity@yahoo.com) or by SKYPE (mrhighintensity)

Each consultation will last 60mins and will cover a complete training and diet schedule customized to your individual needs. All 60mins consultation will include 2 FREE email follow up's in which Markus can be reached for any questions that might arise.

Single One time Consultation:
60mins chat/SKYPE consult = $150 (plus 2 FREE emails!)

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Includes: 4x60 min.SKYPE chats once a week for an entire month! Customized Diet and Training Routine. Full 30 Day Email support on all training and diet questions. = $495

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This is a must for every person that wants to know the secrets of MR's training system and is ready to take his body to the next level!


3 Month CONTEST PREP that includes:

1. Full Diet and Training Program all the way leading to your contest.

2. Full email support weekly to monitor your progress.

3. 1 Weekly chat all the way leading to the show.

4. Posing Instruction via SKYPE.

5. Last weeks contest prep/ Sodium & Water/carb manipulation.

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If you are a competitor our TEAM will bring you into the best shape of your life. Cindi Lai will be managing your diet and I will train with the ultimate training system to ensure the optimum results.

(ALL Skype Consultation packages are NON refundable. All sales are final)

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