HIT Coaching

Markus Reinhardt can NOW be contacted to be your own personal HIT COACH!

Are you tired of making little or no progress with your existing program?

  • Speak to the original star of the HIT Video with Mike Mentzer!
  • Learn HIS best methods on how to gain strength and lean muscle in minimum time.
  • Get leaner without losing muscle and learn how!
  • Learn how to determine your optimal training volume and frequency.
  • Learn which exercises you should perform and how for best results
  • Learn from MRHIGHINTENSITY himself on how to properly adjust your program and diet in order to achieve a lean muscular physique by using his state of the art high intensity training techniques.

The consultation will be held via Yahoo CHAT (mrhighintensity@yahoo.com) or by SKYPE (mrhighintensity)

Each consultation will last 60mins and will cover a complete training and diet schedule customized to your individual needs. All 60mins consultation will include 2 FREE email follow up’s in which Markus can be reached for any questions that might arise.

Single One time Consultation:
60mins chat/SKYPE consult = $125 (plus 2 FREE emails!)

Includes: 4×60 min.SKYPE chats once a week for an entire month! Customized Diet and Training Routine. Full 30 Day Email support on all training and diet questions. = $295

3 Month COMPLETE HIT COACHING! Includes: 12 x 60min. SKYPE chats for the entire 60 day period (IDEAL for BODY TRANSFORMATION or CONTEST PREP!). Customized Diet and Training Program. Free Email support during the entire program. = $695

This is a must for every person that wants to know the secrets of MR’s training system and is ready to take his body to the next level!

 (No Skype Consultation packages are refundable. All sales are final)

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